Remembering Mathias in 2014

Remembering Mathias Roten in 2014Each and every year we dedicate a page in memory of the founder of Mathias Roten. This year, as you take to the air, we ask you to think of Mathias and what he has done for our sport. He was a passionate, highly skilled and heartfelt Speed Flyer that was at home in the air, at home with the elements. I'm sure you, as we do, will feel his presence when you take to the skies....  read more »

Speed-Flying Introduction

Speed-Flying is for Experts Only!

Speed-Flying is an extreme sport that involves a combination of paragliding and skiing skills. It is a relatively new sport that is growing rapidly and gaining lots of attention. As one of the web's premier Speed-Flying resources, we feel it is our responsibility to point out some important safety concerns....  read more »

Jan 14 2014

King of Speed Boogie 2014

6th .. 14th September - King of Speed Boogie 2014

Speedriders, Skydivers and Paragliders from all nationalities get together for 7 days of outdoor sports & flying craziness at the most amazing Speedriding locations the South Island of New Zealand has to offer.

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Jan 13 2014

Chamonix Speedriding Camp 2014

6th .. 20th April - Chamonix Speedriding Camp

The Chamonix Speedriding Campcamp is the opportunity to improve your skills hugely with coaches from the Swing Speedflying Team.  read more »

Oct 29 2013

Catch the Line 2013/14

We have received details via our Speed-Flying Facebook page of a cool GoPro video competition for all Speed-Flyers during the 2013/2014 season.



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Sep 24 2013

California Adventure Magazine

California Adventure Magazine (2nd issue) is now online with a great article about Speed-Flying in California.  read more »

Aug 29 2013

King of Speed 2013

During September 2013, Speedflyers & Skydivers from all over the World will meet in New Zealand, to crown the King of Speed in a spectacular natural environment. The competition format features four disciplines. A Speedriding Boogie for ALL LEVELS (beginners to experts) will also be running parallel to the event.


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Jun 05 2013

An Ironmans Journey

If you have been part of the Speed-Flying community since 2010 you should have heard of Joe Stone - who on August 13th, 2010 while speed flying solo in the mountains of Montana experienced complications with his canopy which sent him spiraling down to the earth. He crashed into the side of a mountain landing on his back.