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R'SpeedConcept 2008

R'SpeedConcept - 2008




Speedriding is a perfect compromise between ski, paragliding and skydiving. One of the most attractive sport at the moment, so RSpeedConcept decided to get involved and wanted to develope the best wings ever.
RSpedConecept have had very good results in 2008 with many podiums at international races and have a big determination to win in 2009

There are five differents wings:

AKSES: 14.5m²

A very stable and easy to control wing, it is easy to take off and land. It is also very forgiving at the pilot's mistakes. It has sufficiently big speed range, considering that it is a beginner's wing. It is a big pleasure to start the first steps with AKSES. Minimum take off weight 90kg.

BASIK: 13m²

The BASIK is a suitable wing for the beginners of minimum 70kg take off weight. We reccomend for the pilots who are not able to fly very frequently.

COBRA: 11.5m²

This is an intermediate wing of a big speed range. Recommend for pilots who fly more frequently.


It is an advanced wing for expert pilots with good technique. Suitable for low flights where more snow contact is required.


The PREDATOR is a super powerful wing, recommended only for the top pilots. The wing is designed for competition and Acrobatic flying. It is extraordinary special feeling to fly this wing. The top pilots who have tried it stayed speechless.


 Predator Prototype

At the SpeedFlyingPro event at LesArcs, R'SpeedConcept wings finished 2nd behind Montant Antoine for the freeride and 3rd in the slalom.





Thankyou to Serge Collin for sending us
the photos of the first production models.

R'SpeedConcept photographs are by Jean-Marie Caratis


Manufacture: RspeedConcept


 Technical Data

Model Predator Interceptor Kobra Basik Akses
Area (Flat/Projected) 8.5m²/?m² 9.5m²/?m² 11m²/?m² 13m²/?m² 14.5m²/?m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) ?m/?m ?m/?m ?m/?m/td> ?m/?m ?m/?m
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ?m/?m ?m/?m/td> ?m/?m ?m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) ?/?
No. of Cells ?
Wing Material ?
Weight (kg) ? ? ? ? ?
Glide Ratio ?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed N.C.km/h N.C. N.C. N.C. N.C.
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Expert Expert Intermediate Beginner Beginner


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 Pilot/Rider Reviews & Other Details...

R'SpeedConcept - 2008



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 - RSpeeds and Nano's in Les Arcs

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