IMPORTANT - Flying at Rhossili (UK)

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IMPORTANT - Flying at Rhossili (UK)

a note from the South West Wales Soaring Club (SWWSC) for all pilots flying at Rhossili

"Despite loads of warnings, some people are still choosing, yes choosing through option to land on the ssi, or raised beach at Rhossili, additionally people are landing in the field adjacent to the main car park, Many local pilots have recently witnessed this, The SWWSC does not support these actions and the site rules are VERY clear! As a club we have had warnings from National Trust and Coast Guards about breach of site rules, and I can state that they WILL stop us officially paragliding or speed flying or hangliding there. Please, please, for the sake of this site, STOP this breach of site rules, if you are a member of SWWSC then pass this info onto non members, if we lose the site because of these breach of site rules, then you wouldn't want to be named as the pilot who contributed towards losing Rhossili?! A lot of pilots enjoy this amazing site!"

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