Ozone XT-16 and ATAK Harness

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Ozone XT-16 and ATAK Harness

Hi There,

I'm selling my 2 year old XT-16, which has been super well cared for, flown approximately 100 times, and is in great shape. There a few repaired minor scratches on the leading edge, but otherwise is in solid condition. It comes with the ATAK Harness and wing bag. Send me a message if you're interested.

$1000, located in ID, USA.

Thanks for looking!

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Phillip (not verified)



Is this setup still available for purchase?

I am quite far away, but very interested!

Please let me know..




Blakamus (not verified)



I live in Bozeman and would be interested in the wing if it is still available. Because you are so close I would prefer to buy it in person instead of having it shipped. Please send me a message at Blake.b.marcus@gmail.com