Jul 02 2013
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CM Borat





Chrigel Mauer - Borat

The cooperation of Chrigel Maurer and Flugsau and 3 years of development has led to the Borat - simple, compact and with the smallest pack size!

Only the correct interaction of the technologies used to let the best compromise between weight and comfort. Thus, the Borat the first "single layer" which in turn is Harness could only be implemented through the use of cleverly used "rigid foils" without loss of comfort. Also contribute to other technologies such as "3D cut" and many other details in the pattern. The complete structural analysis is worn over the edge binding, which could be dispensed with conventional, heavy strap material.

The sophisticated geometry allows comfortable, upright flying with an ideal transmission for paragliding.
Size suitable between 165cm -190 cm

Borate Plus has weight-optimized reversible backpack.


Manufacture: CM Products



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