Wanted Bobcat13.5

After getting blown back today while soaring my Gin Bobcat 15, I`ve decided I need a 13.5 as well.
So if any of you guys have a 13.5 Gin Bobcat for sale I`d be interested. I only need the wing, but if it comes with everything else then so be it.


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Bobcat 13.5 !

Hi Nigel,

I was struggeling with myself for a while not being able to decide if i should sell or not. ...the Bobcat has to go no matter what. I need the moeny for a new DSLR lens. Make me your best offer.
The wing is in such a good condition almost new, no cheap talk it really is. Bought last october 2008. 20-30 flights. No repairs, always looked after very it well. I am also ok with footlaunching my nano so there is no need for the bobcat anymore.
I even give you the option when buying and not liking it, returning it to me no questions asked!!!(but you need to pay the postage,ok?)

I only sell with harness.

Christoph (gexa22@gmail.com)