French Open Championships

French Open Speedriding Championships The 2009 French Speedriding Championships in Samoens on the 3rd-5th of April featured 53 riders from France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. 5 tasks were completed: 2 slaloms, 2 freeride, and one derby. The competition was perfectly organized, and Antoine Montant—winner of the Speedflying Pro Les Arcs—was in the jury. François Bon lead from the first day with his Gin Gliders ‘Fluid’, winning the first slalom task and placing second in the next one. On the freeride day, François won both the two tasks. On the derby task, he lost a ski and incurred some penalties, but did the scratch time to become the first French Speedriding champion in history by a comfortable margin… “In the freeride tasks, I took care to be clean in my skiing as well as in my piloting, without making mistakes, staying on the ground even in very steep parts, making tricks when I had opportunities. It seems it worked well!...”, said François. This title is one more achievement for François, designer and test pilot for Gin Gliders and pioneer of the Speedflying Pro Les Arcs. After his wild descents of Mont Blanc, Eiger, Aconcagua—and despite a knee injury on Mount Everest last autumn—François continues to show his talent and passion for Speedriding...

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Samoens Event Video