NZ Mountain Film Festival 4-8th July 08

The NZ Mountain Film Festival is a competitive event bringing the best films on the worlds remote places, extreme sports and their spirit of adventure from around the world to the alpine village of Wanaka , New Zealand.

The festival provides an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work, receive merit and win cash prizes. We invite you to submit your film for pre-screening consideration. All films selected as finalists will be screened at the festival in July, 2008.

Full details of the Event and how to enter your film see :


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Have you ever considered

Have you ever considered attending a film festival? It really does not matter whether you are looking to submit a film yourself and attract attention as a first time artist, or you just want the chance to attend a premier event where it is likely that you will be able to mingle with a number of top echelon movie stars. Some of these festivals are open to everyone. Others are strictly controlled about who may submit an entry and even (in some cases) who may attend.

The event that you choose is really up to you. Some festivals are so general and varied that you are likely to find almost any type of film or movie. Others focus on a very narrow topic, field or genre. The New Zealand Mountain Festival is an example of a festival with a very narrow focus. If you were interested in adventure sports or extreme sports, this would be a really cool place to visit. Not to mention that New Zealand would be an excellent trip.

The bottom line is that whatever you are interested in there is a film festival that should appeal to you. Whether you want to go to Cannes, or a local event sponsored by your favorite charity, get up and go!

Film festivals are some of the most exciting and star studded events that many of us will ever (or not) attend. Many of them are well known, even to the general public. Some of these pay very large prizes to the winners of their various categories. Different festivals focus on different categories.

One of the most well known of these festivals is the one at Cannes in France. Officially called the Festival de Cannes, this is the largest showcase of films in the world. One of best things about such an event is that anyone may submit an entry. There are a wide range of categories, which gives many film makers in all types of genres the opportunity to receive some (potentially) well deserved attention and interest.

It is actually quite possible for an unknown to be given a shot at the big time from one of these events. There are a number of international film critics, producers, and a number of people influential in the business. Film festivals like Cannes have actually launched the careers of some directors like Quentin Tarantino.

This event is held every year in May. It typically lasts for 12 days. One of the best things about this particular event is that it is really open to anyone. Even if you are not in the film game, you could go and spend some time just gawking at all the stars that may be in attendance.

If you have ever thought about attending this event, understand that this is the number one destination for first time films. Every year there are multi million dollar deals signed. On top of all this, the weather is usually beautiful and on top of all that, you are in France! Personally, I have never been, but this one is near the top of my bucket list.

The New Zealand Mountain Film

The New Zealand Mountain Film Festival is an annual event which highlights adventure films and those focusing on extreme sports and remote locations. It seems to be quite an event, with a lot of talent from around the world and some really interesting films. It is also a great way for an unknown artist to get some exposure and attention.

This article got me thinking about what film festivals really are and how they work. Since I have never been to one, it was something that I figured would be interesting to learn about. Of course, I have heard about some of the more famous events, like Sundance, Cannes and even the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The first question I had was who is behind a typical film festival. Actually, they can be sponsored by a number of different groups or organizations. They can even be sponsored by non profit groups. This includes universities, art associations, film societies, local governments and even private organizations and groups. Many of these events will put up some prize money in the hope of attracting better talented film makers.

A film maker will have the chance to get their movie shown in front of an actual live audience. It is a great way for them to get some good feedback. Typically, there will be some professional critics attending these events and the good ones have an excellent chance of getting noticed and even reviewed. This may even lead to some valuable press attention and exposure to prospective agents and buyers. There also could be a nice cash award for the winners and top finishers.

A film festival may be broad in scope or very narrow and specific. The New Zealand Mountain Film Festival is an example of one that is fairly narrow in scope. Granted, there are many festivals which are even narrower, but the point should be well taken. An event like Cannes, for example, will accept a variety of films on a wide range of subject matters and topics. Some festivals may even be limited according to the length of the film or the type of author or creator. There are festivals that focus on short films (30 to 60 minutes), only on comedies, Jewish films or even films with female directors or makers.

Most festivals will accept submissions from any type of maker, regardless of their background. This assumes that the submission meets the guidelines and requirements of the festival, of course. Having said that, you will not likely be discriminated against based on the budget or even your education or resume.

As I looked into this topic further, I discovered that many film festivals are even expanding into the online sphere. Toronto and Sundance now have included online sections. This is actually great news for film makers, since it takes even less of a budget to produce a film that will be shown online. Additionally, films produced for online can reach a much larger audience. The Sundance festival is now hosting almost one million visitors online.