Ben Nevis 1st Flight

On 13th August 2009 Terry Stubbs Jr.and Gordie Oliver Speed-Fly Ben Nevis West face, Great Britains highest peak at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft)

Marked track is the Route up to Summit.

After climbing to the summit they found a suitable launch site around 300 ft below the summit at a point above Five Finger Gully. With a Wind speed around 5mph from the west and a cloudbase below 4000 ft they fly back down to Glen Nevis at just under 4,000ft of vertical decent, the largest flight avialable in the UK.

check out the flight here -

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I like this article but you

I like this article but you are so crazy. I say that because I am crazy like you. I like very much this sports. Makes me feel that I am alive.