Kestenholz rides Matterhorn

News from Ueli Kestenholz website - Speedriding Erstbefahrung Matterhorn Nach der Befahrung von Eiger, Mönch und Jungfrau kam Mathias und mir die Idee des Matterhorns. Lässt die Steilheit und der knappe Platz einen Start vom Gipfel zu? Seit dem 20.Mai weiss ich's - es geht...! Dank der guten Schneebedingungen und dem kurzen Zeitfenster in dem der Wind für einmal schwach genug war, gelang mir mit Hilfe von Bergführern, Air Zermatt und dokumentiert von einer Film - und Fotocrew die Erstbefahrung. Ein unglaubliches Gefühl in wenigen Sekunden von null auf hundert beschleunigen und als erster Mensch eine Skispur in die Nordwand zu ziehen! <<< Google Translation >>> Speedriding initial exploration Matterhorn After the exploration of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Mathias came to me and the idea of the Matterhorn. If the steepness of the tight space and a start to the summit? Since May 20 I's - it goes ...! Thanks to the good snow conditions and the short time window in which the wind for once was weak enough, I managed with the help of mountain guides, Air Zermatt and documented by a film - and the photo crew initial exploration. An unbelievable feeling in a few seconds from zero to a hundred and accelerate as the first man has a Skispur in the north wall to draw!
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As we know Davide Tiraboschis main filming interests concentrates on snowboarding. David has a broad experience and passion in sports filming and he is frequently asked to work on many projects. His latest project, capturing Ueli kestenholz on the first ever speed flying descent off the Matterhorn, was a mission—for Ueli.

After losing a close friend, who was like Kestenholz, a speed riding pioneer, it took some time to decide whether to continue on the realisation of this vision of speed flying off the Matterhorn. Upon Ueli’s return from a snowboarding trip in Alaska, he was faced with the perfect opportunity of perfect snow conditions on the Matterhorn. It’s been 15 years ago, since the ‘Horu’ had so much snow on the North face. A perfect start for this ‘mission’!

“My motivation comes from different angles”, says Ueli: It was together with a friend that we decided to speed ride the Matterhorn; Switzerland’s landmark! A first descent on such a World renowned mountain really is a true challenge; the ultimate experience!

So, how can a father of a newborn son, take such a huge risk on this mountain, especially with the many dangerous aspects of this trip, such as the ‘run-in’? Is this insanity?

“It’s more like working the run stepwise out. If each of those steps work out, the take off can be launched safely”, says K. -Once in the Air, the flyer can be pulled off dangerous parts, and be set back into the face, to make a turn. In that case, it was the first turn at the Eiger north face, ever.

“An easier option would have been to fly from a lower area, but the conditions looked good: No wind at all on top of the Matterhorn, that morning”.

On top of the summit ridge, the start crew belayed this ski flyer, so he was able to build a patch of snow, to enfold his glider. On the 20th May at 9 AM, the wing was pulled, history was written. Hey man, we are all glad, that you made it down there safely.