Speed-Flying Firsts

Below is a list of the officially recorded "First Descents"
North face of "Bellecote" - 5th April 2006, François Bon Mont Blanc - 4th May 2006, Francois Bon Eiger - 14th Jun 2006, François Bon and Antoine Montant Zugspitze, Germany - 31st Dec 2006, Peter Geg & Uli Wiesmeier 3 Peaks ~ Eiger, Mönch and Jungfau - 13th Mar 2007, Mathias Roten & Ueli Kestenholz Aconcagua, Argentina - 24th Mar 2008, François Bon Großglockner, Austria - 27th Aug 2008, Lukas Brandner, Philipp Benda & Ernst Wallinger Matterhorn, Switzerland - 20th May 2009, Ueli Kestenholz Ben Nevis, Scotland - 13th August 2009, Terry Stubbs Jr. & Gordie Oliver

If you have a Speed-Flying/Riding First Descent please post full details on the forum with photos, link to the video and/or copy of the GPS data as proof. Please Note: Speed-Flying.com will not guarantee "Firsts" posted here are true 'first' descents unless recorded by Manufacture Team or Test Pilots and first reported on their website. Speed-Flying.com will not be held responsable for any Errors or wrongly reported data.
Use at your own risk when claiming a "First"
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