Jun 25 2011
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Dudek Zakoseat

Superlight ZakoSeat harness is dedicated to speedflying and paraalpinism. It will be of good use in paragliding schools too, as it won't be hindering any movements while practicing ground-handling. It is equipped with a rucksack, atached on the back as a big pouch. After landing you can restore its rucksack function and pack the canopy and the harness in it. The harness is manufactured in one universal size. Height of the back support is regulated, allowing for precise adjustment to pilot's needs. Overall it is very light, weighing just 1450g (harness 990g, backpack 460g) without carabiners. Considering quality and durability of the materials used, this is a very good result indeed. Despite simple design both harness and backpack have all necessary adjustments and are surprisingly comfortable. * Fabric Polyamide/Cordura * Colours Black+grey * Straps Polyamide * Buckles AustriAlpin * Plastc parts ITW Harness is sold without carabiners.


Manufacture: Dudek Paraglidrs


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