Fazer vs Spitfire

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Fazer vs Spitfire

I'm comparing a fazer size 10 to a Spitfire size 11.5 for ski launching only. I would love to hear any experiences you have if you have flown both wings. Specifically in turbulence at 11 to 13000 feet elevation. I do not plan on any ridge soaring or thermalling with this wing,  strictly sleddies, carving, touch and go's.. the only thing I really like about the phaser is its large cell size and that is what's holding me back on buying the Spitfire.. which seems to have more and smaller cells. In my limited experience, every time I have flown a wing with smaller and more cell's, it has seemed to be more twitchy and unstable compared to the wings I have flown with larger and fewer cells. Does anyone have any input on why I may have experienced this and if it could or may cause a spitfire to be more unstable to me than a fazer? I have only flown these smaller cells sized wings 5 times, and it could have been an anomoly, but I definately got a feeling the cell sizes effected stability. 

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