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First Speed Wing


I'm a fairly new pg pilot with about 100 flights. I recently bought a smaller wing (gin yeti 19) for para-alpinism and now all I can think about is getting something smaller and faster for speed-flying / riding. Any suggestions? I'm about 73 kg's. Wondering about the  Gin Bobcat / Yak,  Ozone Fazer, Ozone XT or anything else that someone might suggest. 

Thanks for the time!


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andrew (not verified)

Thanks for that info Kitesurfa! Much appreciated. At this point, I am leaning towards the Bobcat 13.5 or the Fazer 14.




Choosing a first glider is difficult

Speed-Flying/Riding as a first glider you dont want to go to small so you would be looking at something around 13...14m

Having A Yeti for para-alpinism I would avoid getting a Yak for speed-riding due to the light weight materials.

a Bobcat 13.5m would be an option being suitable for both Flying and Riding

Bigger Bobcats have way more glide than the Speed-Riding gliders and are not used for Speed-Riding that often.

Ozone XT has less glide than Bobcat so more suited to both styles of flying. (XT = Cross Terrain)

Gin Nano 14m is always a good option as a first glider

Ozone Fazer is a new glider for 2012 and I haven't seen many Speed-Riding videos of the glider to get a feel how it compares to other gliders.


Hope above is of some help...