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Flight HUD

A useful device for Speed_Flying pilots ???

Recon Instruments originally designed and built the system for skiers, giving real-time info direct-to-eye. The sensors within the device (accelerometer, altimeter and GPS) are ideal for providing flight metrics. A change to the systems firmware would allow the data to provide forward speed, glide ratio and altitude and a Track log.

Jeb Corliss has been testing a prototype of this system while proximity flying with his wingsuit.

Recon Labs are now (Nov 2012) running a short project to alter the firmware and make them available for a very short time to skydivers, wingsuit pilots, and BASE jumpers. There are no plans for retail distribution.

IMPORTANT NOTE - It is not designed as a safety device and should not be used as such.


more details see - http://labs.reconinstruments.com/


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