FlyStyle Club Meet 07-12-10

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FlyStyle Club Meet 07-12-10

Join "FlyStyle" for the first FS Speedflying and Paragliding Club Meeting!

07 December 2010 · 19:30 - 22:30

Flystyle World Headquarters
10625 NE Halsey Street
Portland, OR

We'll just be chillin, watching videos, having pizza and beer, and getting stoked for winter speed riding!

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Submitted by Flystyle


Thanks Alan! We'll keep you posted on our club meetings... This first meeting is just basically a meet and greet for locals who haven't met each other yet. We will establish what the club members want out of the club and discuss some site acquisition ideas!

Can't wait to see everyone tonight, talk about flying styles and gear choices and of course enjoy some winter Ale among friends!

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Submitted by TransientCW


ill be there bruddah!!