Guesses on trim speed?

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Guesses on trim speed?

The following question was first posted by a visitor to our website on one of the Gin Nano pages of our speed-riding glider guide.


Submitted by a random Speed-Flyer on December 28, 2010 - 8:59pm.

Anyone want to guess the trim speed of the different size Nano's? I have a 14 and hands up with no dynamic speed at sea level I would say the airspeed is 60km/h...

I can't find this info anywhere on the internet so any input would be much appreciated...and I would be downright grateful for heaps of info like glide ratio, etc. Has someone taken their flytec out on a speedflight of any type wing?


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Submitted by Charly Booth


Hi Darren. IMHO your guess of 60kmh is fairly close to the truth. I think my Skate 14 used to "just" manage this, with my modest 67 Kg body weight. Some of those "big cell" monsters, really rocked down the terrain, especially if someone with 90-100Kg was steeering ! But, as "super Dell" has demonstrated on numerous occasions, put a power pack on the back and they'll reach almost 100kmh. ## An interesting safety spin-off appears to be that the increased speed leads to a higher pressure inside the cells, which in turn guards against cell collapse. And if a collapse does occur, it "bangs" out immediately, provided of course that the canopy is not inverted or stalled.