Le Plagne and Les Arc speedflyers???

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Le Plagne and Les Arc speedflyers???

Submitted by eden on December 9, 2007 - 12:35pm.

Hi all,
Have sorted out a holiday to the resort of La Plagne in France right next to Les Arc. Finally!!!! They are actually joined by a cable car so I bought the pass to give me access to the whole lot!!! I will be there from 19/01/08 - 26/01/08 and would love to hook up with some locals speedflyers who can guide me. I understand the basic common sense do’s and don’ts of speedflying: No flying on groomed marked runs, stay well away from all lifts and cable cars, stay well away from skiers, boarders and people in general. All this is fine but I would prefer to have someone experianced locally to fly with and show me the best runs.
One other question about the setting on the ski bindings. Do you leave them on a more secure off piste setting or is there a setting specific to speedflying? I don’t want them falling off while in the air
Any help would be rewarded with a couple drinks in the night.

Cheers all

Dan Smiling

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Cables on video

Submitted by twp on December 10, 2007 - 7:09pm.

Hi Kitesurfa,

You won't spot the cables in the video! It's hard enough to see them in real life, let alone on a low definition video on the internet! Usually with these things it's easier to spot the pylons, but the trouble with the avalanche cables is that they're strung between two points: there are no intermediate pylons. Incidentally, I think this is why the Speed Flying Pro followed the route in your diagram: the more interesting, more direct route straight down from the top was rather hazardous!

Regarding schools, there's a list of speed riding schools in France in the latest Parapente mag. Please send me an email at tom at tompayne dot org and I'll send you a scan of the relevant page. It includes a couple of schools not on the list, and a few website addresses.




> Note that during the Speed Flying Pro they were given exclusive use of the pistes which form the top part of your proposed run.

I guessed that was the case...
Will have to rewatch the SpeedFlying Pro video to get some more idea of the course and see if I can spot the cables ?
It would have been great if someone could have done a full video of a top to bottom run of the course and posted it on the web.

also cheers for the school link... will check and add it to the Guidelines - Instruction & Schools webpage.
If you know any more not listed please let me know.


Beware cables!

Submitted by twp on December 10, 2007 - 12:10pm.

Be careful here: there are lots of avalanche control cables crossing the mountain where you suggest flying. These cables are used to deliver explosive charges to release potential avalanches. They are typically 0-100m above the slope, not marked on the map, and are virtually impossible to see.

Note that during the Speed Flying Pro they were given exclusive use of the pistes which form the top part of your proposed run. Normally speed riding is strictly forbidden on the piste.

The local school (http://www.speedriding-school.com/) knows the resort well and has already identifed several spots where you can ride safely. Speak to them.




One run idea ?

Submitted by kitesurfa on December 9, 2007 - 7:33pm.

Not local to Les Arcs and have only skied there some years ago.

An idea for a run in Les Arcs would be the course they used for the Speed-Flying Pro event.

Looking at the map it starts at the top of Aguille Rouge and follows the Black run near the ridge then cuts down and passes under the Avalanche Warning marker and then continues down to the foot of the speed skiing run.

Its the run I used as an Example in the Speed-Riding safety guidelines webpage.


so NO guarantee it is usable for normal flying.

Also a note regarding ARC 1600 I read on the Paragliding forum...

Depends on your flying ability as there is very few places to land.
When I was skiing there, many of the low level runs follow paths/roads through the trees meaning it would be more a paragliding flight from the mentioned Paraglider launch site down to Bourg.

Would be interested to know how flyable Bellecote is ?
looks like there are far less prepared piste's ?

Keep us posted on your trip.




Submitted by eden on December 10, 2007 - 4:08pm.

Thanks guys,
this is the sort of info i need. I will email the speedfly school and find out where the safest speedflying routes are. I might have the chance to link up with a local ski instructor who also speedfly's, this would be invaluable! Keep the info coming!!!!



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