New Zealand - Air Sports LIVE

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New Zealand - Air Sports LIVE

New Zealand - Air Sports LIVE -

Join the crowds at Lake Wanaka Airport to witness all the action overhead and on the giant screen featuring live feeds from the pilots’ cockpits and breathtaking aerial footage putting spectators right in the midst of the fast-moving competition.

Speed Flying (organizers will be calling it Speed PG) for the Air Sports LIVE will be held sometime between December 18th .. 24th at Glentanner near Mount Cook

The International pilots participating are:

Francois Bon
Antoine Montant
Matt Gerdes
Mike Steen
Carson Klein
Loic Jean-Albert
Frederic Fugen
Stepane Fardel
Vincent Reffet

NZ pilots not yet finalized...

If you cant get to New Zealand check their website for the Live Video footage of the events...

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