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Ozone Firefly

Ozone just announced their new Speed-Glider

Ozone Firefly

The Firefly offers significantly better glide performance than the XT16, with improved speed and more dynamic handling. Pilots will find the Firefly to be much easier to ridge-soar at a wider range of sites than the XT. It will also handle shallower launches and naturally has an increased “range” due to the better glide performance.


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Roberto (not verified)

Hi everybody, i've a FIREFLYwhite/blue like new for sale. Flown just 11 no more than 5/6 min. each. Complete with ripstop and original rucksak. Avalaible to show you in northeast Italy. I want realize around 1200. Call me or mail me +393936606600 Roberto.debiasi@tre.it


Submitted by Anonymous

It will be somewhere between the Swing Hybrid Sport and the Gin Bobcat, so looks more like a speedflyer than a mini-wing to me ... I guess GR should be around 6.
Mitch VDB



Submitted by SPEEDMAX


Better glide performance ????? 6 7 8 or 10 like the R10.

Its very strange Ozone is comparing the profile with the R10 , a speedflying wing and a competition wing .Is it also a 2 Liner ?

I keep the Ginseng



Don't have any numbers but would guess comparable to Gin Bobcat/Yak ?


Submitted by viik


what glide does it has.. ?