Ozone firefly 2 for speed riding?

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Ozone firefly 2 for speed riding?


I am new to speed riding and flying I am currently working on my novice training for paragliding

 I have about seven flights on a niviuk skate 2 14 m on skis over snow and I am about 93kg

I am just wondering if anyone has used the firefly on skis as that's mainly what I will use it on if I pick one up but I also want to progress to foot launching and ridge soaring eventually so I'm thinking of a larger speed wing than the skate or fazer which only come in 14m 

Any knowledge would be aappreciated thank you

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Not Kamloops,

it was at Soboba flight park CA, USA


Sick video! Thanks for sharing

Is that kamloops?


Firefly on skis - Not seen any video posted of one used with skis.

Not ideal for speed-riding due to bigger size and way better glide than a speed-glider but it should be possible with experience..

Flying bigger wings with better glide needs more active pilot input to keep the glider low and close to the ground.


Example (not on snow) of low level flying with a 17m Aska