Ozone XT-16, What do you think of this wing?

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Ozone XT-16, What do you think of this wing?

Submitted by DaveTurner


Hey Guys,

Been flying this wing now for not quite 150 flights, and love it. But, it is the only speed wing that I have flown. Some of my friends have other wings, mostly Gin Nanos or smaller Ozone Bullets (7.7gt, on up to 14m), and everyone seems to do just fine.
My question is this- Does anyone have any opinions on how the XT performs in comparison to other wings? Pros? Cons? I am not even sure of my exact glide ratio, somewhere between 3.5 and 4 to one max. Anyone have issues with this wing? Mine has been nothing but great to me, unless I am the one who messes up (kind of often!).
It is not quite fast enough for me while using skis, but is about just right for foot launching. Have gotten out and ridge soared with it a few times, seems stable.
What do you think?

-Dave Turner



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Submitted by Charly Booth


Hi Dave, and you've posed quite a question, which very few experienced speed pilots venture to answer....just because of its complexity. The XT 16 has a lot of drag, and its L/D is poor compared to a few other "hot hybrids", now appearing in the skies. However, having huge air-intakes, with low chord (A/Ratio) profile, one can certainly toss it about, in all directions and braking attitudes, before it "bites". It is therefore a safe wing to fly, close to the snow. Of course there are better L/D "hybrids" (mini, high performance pg's) and the Swiss/French company ITV have one....its called the "Awak 14". This thin, multu-celled profile, (with speed bar attachment) offers superb L/D penetration, so necessary for getting far, and fast. It is not built for zooming the snow bunny girls, on the pista, but for frightening **** out of the occasional intermediate hg pilot, floating about on top ! Yes this hybrid will let you look down on hang-gliders (but you need a Vario) , and allow you to glide way down the valley to your car, or the bus stop. . . .# . . . If, and when, you then understand L/D (drag) aerodynamics, and still crave better performance, you might like to walk on the wild side, and ventue a "peek" at the marvellous little German U-Turn "Morpheus 11" (I hear now they actually make an 8sqm !) But, "she" is only for very advanced students...like Dell Shanze, who was so impressed he bought two ! He however contrary to me, flys power pack, on skis. But the Morpheus is great for coastal laminar soaring too. Careful though, this little witch is certainly no fun if you happen to hit thermal bubbles enroute, down the mountain (very volatile canopy reactions, but safe) ! . . . ## . . . But, as has been said often, it just depends where and how you yourself fly. There is no all-round speed wing. So, I now have three, each one for a different wind speed and task. 10-14 Kts with thermal activity - Airwave "Speedmachine" 18 (with rear trimmers and speed bar). 15-18 Kts + light thermal activity - ITV Awak 14. 19-24 Kts pure laminar lift - "Morpheus 11". Have fun... Charly Booth, Stanwell Park, Sydney ( I'll be Switzereland/Austria during June charleybooth@gmail.com )