Selling a 1 month old Ozone Firefly speed wing

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Selling a 1 month old Ozone Firefly speed wing

Selling an almost new Firefly speed wing manufactured in 10 March 2012. Wing comes with backpack, 2 packing bags, repair kit, manual, manufacture/check/riging diagram document.
Wing was ground handled 3 times but its like new.

Price of the wing is 1150 euors, price of the wing and a new Atak harness is 1300 euros. Due to hassles at customs i ship just to Europe.
Free EMS shipping with tracking number included in the price of the wing.

If someone interested please p.m. me or leave me a message here.

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a random Speed-Flyer (not verified)

still available or sold?


Graham (not verified)

Is this still for sale? I'm interested.


You have got an e-mail from me.


Its a one size wing, it comes just in 16m!!I ship to to Spain and i accept paypal!!


I want to buy, my e-mail



roberto (not verified)

What 's the size of this wing? do you accept payment via paypal? shipping to Spain! Thank you.