Speedflying rules at Italy

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Speedflying rules at Italy
Submitted by Bo

Dear Friends
Does anybody can explane are any special rules exist at Dolomites region of Italy (Marmolada)?
if you can recomend any local guide for our small speedflying group will be great.

Thank in advance
Alexander BO

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Submitted by Anonymous


Did a few shorts flights in the Dolomites recently. I have no paragliding certs whatsoever and I don't know what the rules are, but no one questioned us Probably if you don't make trouble no one really minds, but we weren't using chairlifts or any of the skiing infrastructure so it might be a different issue for you...



Submitted by claudione

Hi Alexander,
you can try to contact Jimmy Pacher, who is the italian distributors of Gin gliders at this email address:
He lives 20 minutes away from Marmolada and can give you all the informations you need: spots, rules and so on. Unfortunatley I think that actually the lifts on Marmolada should be closed. Anyway ask him. He's a very kind guy.

Ciao, see you