WANTED: speedFLYER 13m²-15m²

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WANTED: speedFLYER 13m²-15m²


does anyone have got a used speedFLYER between 13-15m²


1. Swing Hike

2. Gin Yak

3. Swing Hybrid

4. Gin Bobcat

5. others:-)


would be nice to get a personal message.



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ruben (not verified)

Thanks guys, 

I have already bought one.

viktorgk1 (not verified)

you can check the wings I sell Gin bobcat 13.5 and and nano 14



johan uller (not verified)

Hi Ruben,

I have a Skate 2 14m with the roamer harness which is great for hike and flyes. I bought the gear brand new 6 months ago for 1650 euro. You can have it all for 1000 euro plus shipment from my home in sweden.

Best. Johan

Simon (not verified)

I have a U-Turn Speedaster 2 in excellent condition in green and black, great wing, very strong in turbulence, i  bought it new in june 2012, only 30 short flights on grassy slopes.

sernadingsimon (at) gmail (dot) com