what size?

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what size?

Hello, i am Fred from holland and i want to know witch size is good  for me.

I want to soar with stong wind, 20 / 30 knots.

I have a little bit experience with parapente.

I kite for18 years, powerkiting and kitebuggy and kitesurf for 10 years.

I am 55 kilos

Witch size and model is suiteble for me?

greeting, fred

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verderf (not verified)

thx, but how is it possible that someone that weights 70 kilo have the same size as me.

When we go kitesurfing i always have 2  m2  smaller kite.

55 kilo a 7 meter kite

70 kilo a 9 meter kite

Personally i think that a 16 m is to big  for me, but ive never tryed it.




verderf (not verified)

thx, fred



Hi Fred

suggested sizes suitable whould be around  16m with quiet a few options for usable gliders

Gliders most often used for soaring are Little Cloud - Spiruline
Aska One-Seven (17m²)
Niviuk - Zion
Nova Susi Q
Air Design - Susi

new for 2013 is the Little Cloud - Goose (not heard much about this glider at the

also see http://www.speed-flying.com/speed-flying-glider-index

Gliders not suitable or less than ideal for soaring is anything designed for speed-riding @ 14m² or less - due to their poor glide ratios.