ZLLV 2010 Deregulation in Austria

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ZLLV 2010 Deregulation in Austria

Deregulation of paragliding in Austria will be in force from May 2010 onThe Austrian ministry of transport made a statement, that finally the long awaited new ZLLV 2010 (decree for civil aircraft and airsport devices) is expected to be in force by May 2010. All non-motorized paragliders, hang gliders and parachutes will not have to be registered anymore in Austria by any authority.

Martin Jursa, the former director of the -in these days- joint German/Austrian technical department of DHV/ÖAeC was in charge on behalf of the PMA for achieving the deregulation of the mandatory licensing and registration of paragliders in Austria. Martin Jursa can also be called the father of our internationally used and accepted EN-926 testing standard for paragliders.

Following the new ZLLV 2010 paragliders are allowed to be flown in Austria provided, that they are airworthy and comply with the state-of-the-art and the manufacturer has given this statement on the type label of the paraglider.
The owner of the paraglider is responsible to maintain the airworthiness by following the maintenance instructions of the manufacturer in the manual.

All complicated administrative acts to register the paraglider with ÖAeC (Austrian Aeroclub), get labels and airworthiness certificates issued by ÖAeC etc. will be dropped.


Austria has been completely deregulated now for non-motorized paragliding. The manufacturers take over the full liability for the products they sell.

Germany is, after the deregulation in Austria, the only country remaining worldwide, where paragliding is still regulated by a national law. It is expected that the authorities in Germany will realize as well, that there is no need for this last national autocracy in paragliding and Germany shall follow the European way as well.


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