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Gin Freerider


Gin Freerider [2009]


GIN innovates again! The Freerider Harness is the new concept of reversible harness/rucksack designed specifically for experienced and expert speedriders. It’s lighter, less bulky, and is perfectly suited to off-piste and wild area use. The rucksack side of the harness has new ski and equipment attachments for touring. The new ergonomic shape and ventilation system on the back makes it very comfortable to carry, even on a long walk. This rucksack enables to storage of the harness and the glider in separate compartments. A long pocket contains an anti-puncture plate, also usable as an avalanche shovel. Just turn the rucksack inside out to convert it into a harness. Legs are independent and the redesigned shoulder straps slide through the front cross strap for better comfort when skiing. These and other technical features give you more comfort and more precision in use. While wearing the harness, the "Fast pack bag", invented by GIN, is very useful in the zipped pocket on the right leg. A ‘sock’ pocket enables the storage of telescopic poles during runs without the risk of snagging on the glider lines. The harness still has enough volume to accept clothes and a snow probe. No doubt that this ‘Freerider’ harness is the tool for big spaces!

• Independent legs for skiing and piloting
• Automatic buckles on chest, manual on legs
• Safe T bar
• Ski straps - Anti-puncture plate - Sock pocket for telescopic poles
• Gear loop on belt
• Pocket on shoulder straps
• Camelback routing
• Mesh ventilation for glider drying
• Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system
• One size fits all, side trimming adjustments - Fast packing bag included
• Automatic carabiners included

• One size fits all. • Weight: 1,9 kg

• One size fits all.
• Weight: 2,2 kg


Manufacture: Gin Gliders


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