Ikarus auf Speed - Penthouse Nov 2010


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Speedriding, the combination of skiing and paragliding, creates new games for adrenaline junkies. Penthouse was on Mo?lltaler glaciers there. Mo?lltaler glacier, 9:45 clock. Light blue, cloudless sky, the sun sirrt through the thin air. The day before it has thawed overnight gave it to freeze - the snow crunches with each step - it is freezing cold.

The Pistenverha?ltnisse contribute useful not good. Even for professionals not. Breakable crust. The enemy of Free Riders. We sit on the chair lift. "There Druben after the first rock chain," says Daniel and points the finger to a distant place ".'ll Down heat since I" The choice of line, the anku?ndigt Daniel, irritated me a little - more rock than snow, more vertical than horizontal. One can reasonably comprehensible Abfahrtsmo?glichkeit not recognize me. The few snow fields between the rocks seem rather unsavory.

Well, not without reason Daniel were among the best and also one of the most radical of his trade - he should already know what he's doing! I do know is dropping and my plan to follow them by snowboard and without an umbrella! Daniel Kofler Speed Rider, pioneering a new sport called speed flying or Speedgliding. Here you rush to ski down mountains and a small screen, flying or driving - depending on the lyrics and mood. Quick Speed Riders are always, and they move continuously on, very often u?berm limit. Because when you fly - no matter whether you're sitting in a Boeing or hangs on a paraglider - there are two sensitive periods in which have air turbulence or smallest error for lack of time and Korrigiermo?glichkeit can be fatal: the launch and landing. Speed Riding is conducted solely in that danger zone. The Feminine verunglu?ckter athletes grows thus from year to year. ! The risk is quite abscha?tzbar, one is not a passenger, does hold a lot of flying experience and must know what you are doing "everything wild half," weakens Daniel from dry, fact to keep his injury list in boundaries - 2006 hand broken. zertru?mmert "a stupid mistake," his nu?chternes verdict, and in 2007 the foot. "At that time I wanted to test a new screen, am blo?derweise flying without skis, what you should never do, and to all this I also had bad luck. How is it so already? A chain unhappier circumstances, "he expects from dry with his injury history. ... Read more in the November 2010 German issue of Penthouse.