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Mont Blanc Premier

Speed-Flying ~ The Mont Blanc Premier

On the 4th May 2006, Francois Bon, GIN Team Rider made the first speedflying descent of Mont Blanc (4808m), the highest point of Europe.


After having taken 7½ hrs to climb to the summit from the over-night stop at the "refuge des Cosmiques", near the Aiguille du Midi. - The flightplan set was to return via the north face, past the Dome du Gouter, over the Aiguille du Gouter and then down the Taconnaz glacier before heading towards Chamonix.

The Taconnaz glacier (to the right of Le Gros Bechard) is not a good place to land so Francois kept a good 100m height safety margin to be sure to reach the grass in the valley.

With his small 8m² GIN Nano, it took Francois Bon just over 8 minutes to speed-fly from the height of the mountain.

T/R - Dome du Gouter
T/L - Aiguille du Gouter (can you spot the Nano ?)
B/R - Over the Taconnaz glacier
B/L - near foot of the Taconnaz glacier

Video and photos on http://www.acro-base.com


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