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Nervures - Swoop




The theory might look simple but the reality is a lot more complex: Nervures wanted a good glide, to be able to fly above shallow slopes, trees etc. Moreover the good glide had to allow for foot launch and landing. Nervures had to abandon the idea of copying or adapting skydiving parachutes because of their lack of performance.

Nervures quickly realised that even though it is easy to design a mini-wing with an acceptable glide, it is much more difficult to make it resistant to turbulence. On the top of that the mini-wing had to have a sound behaviour on diving trajectories when it is set to a very low angle of attack.

Nervures had to build several prototypes to find the right airfoils. In the end, using their experience gained with the design of the performance parachute, we got the SWOOP.

The usability is very high: with the 14m² and the 16m² wing, it is easy to foot launch, land in null wind and soar in strong laminar wind. With the 10m² it is bit more demanding, but still possible. As soon as the trims are off, the wing accelerates, the trajectory dives and you enter the world of speed flying.

The structured airfoil (use of diagonal ribs) and high tension cloth give the wing speed and acceleration qualities very different from those of a sky diving parachute. The glide at landing is superb and allows endless flairs without the need of a hook turn. This greatly increases safety as you can land on foot on hardcore surfaces after a long approach in a straight line without having to bank hard before hand.

Nervures main concern has been to make this wing as resistant to collapses as possible. The Swoop is very solid in turbulence. Trimmers off, it is perfectly fitted for the practice of Speed Flying and to give you the freedom of limitless radical manoeuvres.

Warning. Using a mini-wing is a new activity that requires a specific training. A good level in paragliding or sky-diving might be an advantage but does not dispense from starting the discipline with caution. The control responses, trajectories and approach slope are very different from that of other disciplines; practise with a qualified instructor is compulsory.

The Swoop is available in 3 sizes:

Swoop 10:
The swoop 10 is mainly intended to be used on skis. Its dynamic behaviour makes it ideal for advanced pilots. The wing structure (narrow cells, diagonal ribs) contributes to the outstanding performance allowing playing even on gentle slopes. It is possible to take-off and land on foot, the flare is very long and requires a very big landing field. It is a superb tool to practise swooping.

Swoop 14:
The Swoop 14 is more versatile, it is a good wing to start practising Speed Flying on skis with a good margin for progression. It will let you link beautiful swooping curve close to the ground. On foot, take-off is easier. The long flare at landing requires a big landing field clear of any obstacles. It opens gates to a new kind of flying discipline, a new vision of mountaineering where each descent draws on the mountain slope a succession of beautiful curves in the pure spirit of Free Ride.

Swoop 16:
With the Swoop 16, it is very easy to take off. In flight it responds smoothly to smooth inputs!! If you coordinate your turn, it will quickly show you what it is made of!! The glide angle enablse site or mountain flying, however the high flying speed requires specific training (approach and landing). Its efficiency makes it very good for soaring in strong winds.

In the light weight version, the Swoops are taking us closer to our dreams; a pocket size paraglider that weights nothing and can take off in two steps.

The Swoops are NOT certified.






Manufacture: Nervures


 Technical Data

Model Swoop 10 Swoop 14 Swoop 16 14 Mountain 16 Mountain
Area (Flat/Projected) 10,10m²/?m² 14m²/?m² 16,7m²/?m² 14m²/?m² 16,7m²/?m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 5,80m/?m 6,80m/?m 7,92m/?m 6,80m/?m 7,92m/?m
Chord (max/min) 2,00m/?m 2,42m/?m 2,42m/?m 2,42m/?m 2,42m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 3,4 3,75 3,4 3,75
No. of Cells 28 32 28 32
Wing Material 9017 E77A 9017 E77A Skytex 27
Weight (kg) 2,26 2,86 3,30 2,08 2,45
Glide Ratio 4,5:1 5,5:1 6,0:1 5,5:1 6,0:1
Top Speed 75km/h 66km/h 50km/h 66km/h 50km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Wing loading: ~9kg/m² = Exp. ~7kg/m² = Int. ~6kg/m² = Beg.


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Nervures - Swoop




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Swoop 10m in action

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- 10m Swoop


The Swoop range is the result of tests performed since 2004 with Val Montant. It opens the doors to a whole new way of flying. Val was the forerunner of this new discipline. On 27th February 2006 after having flown a mini-wing, Val was walking back home through the Saléve when he slipped on an ice patch. Unfortunately, he did not manage to hold on and fell off the cliff. Nervures are paying tribute as the Swoop range reflects his innovative vision of flight and mountaineering.




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