Oct 15 2011
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New Speed-Flying Forums

New Speed-Flying Forums are Live!

Sorry it took us so long, but after a break-down of the forums we decided to install a new and more dedicated forum platform. You can visit the new forums now by browsing to forum.speed-flying.com/ or by using the main menu link for "Forums" above.

Create a new Forum Account

We were unable to migrate over users from our old forums, so you'll need to recreate an account on the new forums. Simply click on "register" on the forum page, and you'll be emailed a password which you can use to login and participate in the forums.

Migration of forum posts

We tried porting over the old topics but have not found a way to do it reliably, retaining the comment structure, etc. For now, here's a list of archived topics on the old forum for reference purposes.

Have fun with the new forums. As always, fly safe, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please comment below.

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