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Ozone - LaBombe




La Bombe is a totally new design and concept in the speedflying world, and is the only direct answer to the French style of Speed Riding. After all it was the French who brought us this sport in the first place, and it was the core French riders who were dissapointed to see every manufacturer’s designs hit the market, because until now every manufacturer has released wings that are more similar to miniature paragliders than to the parachutes that French Speed Riders have come to love over the past 5 winters of use! Being a partly French company, Ozone couldn’t ignore their requests any longer, and are now very happy to announce that La Bombe has been approved by top French Speed Riders like Antoine Boisselier and Niko Assael.

Inspired by the favorite parachutes used for Speed Riding in the French Alps, La Bombe is available in 2 sizes: 8m and 10m. This may sound small, and it is, but the fact is that anyone with even a little bit of speed flying experience will love the super forgiving handling of the 10m and the speed of the 8m. With a highly stable profile and a gradual turn, La Bombe is not only for expert speed riders. However, because of it’s high sink rate and low glide performance, La Bombe is ideal for pilots who fly in steeper mountain terrain, such as can be found in the birthplace of speed flying: the French Alps.

Profile / planform resembled a parachute much more than a paraglider. Test pilots have confirmed that it was not a scaled down paraglider, but based on a parachute design.

La Bombe was developed for the pilots who have been flying old-school parachutes for several years and who wanted something more similar to the poor glide / high sink rate characteristics of their parachutes, with easier launching and better brake range.

The biggest difference between the Bombe and the Bullet 008 is the glide ratio. A parachute profile and low aspect ratio means low glide performance, which is ideal for swooping close to even the steepest part of the mountain.

The high stability of this profile means that pilots can fly close and fast with confidence. A specially adapted brake arrangement and plan form yields ultra precise handling for fine tuning your glide path in steep terrain. If you live to ride big mountains and are an experienced speed flying pilot, then you might be ready for La Bombe


The Atak Harness

The LeBombe comes with the Atak Harness as an option. The harness was designed by pro skiers and pilots specifically for the new sport of Speed Flying with the help of Pierre Bouiloux of SupAir, with a special focus on the best configuration for transitioning from skiing to flying positions. 

The standard LaBombe package includes Backpack, Inner bag, and Stuff Sack. Anti-friction rings on the shoulder straps allow transition from standing to sitting positions quickly and easily. The harness naturally positions the pilot in a skiing stance, so that you are never caught off-balance while speedflying. When you transition from standing to sitting, you will be completely ‘in’ the harness, not hanging out of it. The leg straps automatically scoop you into the harness, with no struggle to sit comfortably. This also makes the harness ideal for tandem flying and dune soaring as well.


The Snow Stake System - The LaBombe has two sewn loops on the top sail, and comes with small plastic stakes that can be attached to the top of the wing. These ‘Snow Stakes’ are very useful for laying your wign out on steep snow or in tail-wind launch conditions.

To use the snow stakes, simply push them into the snow surface a few centimeters. You may leave the snow stakes in the snow and launch normally, the snow stakes will pull out and will not affect the flying characteristics of your wing.





Manufacture: Ozone


 Technical Data

Model LaBombe 8 LaBombe 10
Area (Flat/Projected) 8,00m²/6,93m² 9,99m²/8,97m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 4,6m/3,9m 5,1m/4,5m
Chord (max/min) ?m/1,96m ?m/2,19m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) ?/?
No. of Cells 22
Wing Material OzTech 30gm² (ribs = 30gm² + webbing)
Weight (kg) 2,2 2,4
Glide Ratio 1,1 - 3,1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Wing loading: ~9kg/m² = Exp. ~7kg/m² = Int. ~6kg/m² = Beg. (144 - > 75Kg for normal use


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