Jan 19 2017
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Remembering Mathias in 2017

Remembering Mathias Roten in 2011Each year we have dedicated a page in memory of the founder of Speed-Flying.com: Mathias Roten. 9 years on, as you take to the air, we ask you to remember Mathias and what he has done for our sport. He was highly skilled and extremely passionate for the growth of the sport of Speed Flying.

When you take to the skies, I'm sure you, as we do, will feel his presence around you.

New to Speed-Flying? Please take a look at our introduction to Speed-Flying to familiarize yourself with the sport. Speed-Flying is an extreme sport. There are many risks associated with the sport, which is why unfortunately over the past few years there have also been a number of serious injuries and fatalities. Please take a moment to reflect on those that have passed, and keep them in mind before you take to the skies. We can't urge enough that new Speed Flyers take training lessons and instruction before taking to the air.

Fly save, have fun, and here's to a great Speed-Flying year in 2017.

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Love you Mathias


Whether I'm on the ground or airborne, I often think of you, especially when in nature. You pointed out in your Play Gravity film that when you were in your element, the nagging questions of life and our existence didn't bug you. Thank you for helping me live in the moment.

We love you Mathias!

And we miss you dearly. May you fly forever in the beautiful skies Smiling