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Remembering Mathias - 2010

This photo is what we believe may be one of the last photos taken of Mathias before he dawned his wings and flew higher than ever.

March 7th, 2010 marked the 2nd anniversary of Mathias' passing.

2009 was another hard year for Speed-Flying with at least 9 reported deaths in the sport and numerious non fatal accidents.

Before each and every flight we encourage all Speed Flying pilots to fly safe by thinking of Mathias and all the other Speed-Flyers lost doing the sport they loved.

To help reduce the risks we need to learn from the past, learn from those who are now forever flying. Mathias and the other Speed-Flyers will always be remembered.

Fly Safe in 2010...

Check out the Angel Wings his brother built in memory of Mathias.

Remembering Mathias 2009

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...... I met your brother in Whistler, BC in 2007/8. He was looking for places to film at the time and heading to Alberta. I was working at an activity center and he came in and it was as though we were instant friends. These angel wings make me smile Smiling

I know that he is an angel. It's almost as though he was one while he was here on earth as well. I went skydiving a few weeks ago and I felt his spirit there with me. I can't say I would have jumped but it's like he was there encouraging me. I was so happy to feel that although beautiful people pass on that they are here in spirit and love and he will be with me in each (extreme) moment I encounter. Thank you for the wings as a reminder that he flies always now!

Indra (Pemberton, British Columbia) indra dot lee at hotmail dot com

We love you Mathias!

We love and miss you Mathias. We can feel your presence in the air every day.

Angel Wings

We all kept Mathias and all Speed Flyers that are now soaring above us in our thoughts this weekend. Here a photo from his brother Lorenz, who climbed the mountains and erected these Angel Wings in Mathias' memory: Angel Wings for Mathias