Dec 28 2010
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Speed-Flying Team

Speed-Flying Team

Mathias RotenMathias Roten - initial member and founder of the Speed-Flying team and web initiative, Mathias' life was taken sadly in early 2008 as he was exploring the elements and living his dream. The remaining members strive to continue his mission of making the number one resource for Speed-Flying worldwide.






Web Team

Alan, aka Kitesurfa, is the premier content provider and manager for He has been a member of the team since the beginning, and Mathias' was always fond of his spirited and passionate contributions to the sport and the website. Alan's contribution to the Speed Flying community and sport is invaluable.  He hails from England and is a fan of Kite Surfing and Kite Landboarding.



Alex SchenkerAlex Schenker, aka Speedy, has known Mathias since just after birth. He always considered Mathias a brother and one of his closest friends. Alex helped Mathias launch in 2005 and has been helping keep the site up ever since. An avid tennis player, snowboarder, and electronica enthusiast, Alex strives to keep Mathias' dream alive and do what he can to help build and grow the community.

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Speedflying in Brazil

Hi guys, how are you doing?

First of all thanks for sharing all these information about this new sport that I admire so much. I'm from Brazil and here there are less then 10 people practicing it, i mean in the hole country! I'm a skydiver and just ordered my Ozone Fazer 14m. I'm just writing to thank you and offer my help and contribuition with anything you might need, like translations to brazilian portuguese and so on. I wanna help develop the sport in my country. I'm 23 years old, I'm from Campinas, São Paulo.

Hope to hear from you,