Jun 25 2011
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UTurn IQ3


Uturn IQ3

To feel the lightness of being with no compromise on comfort and safety – this is what the new reversible harness IQ3 of U-Turn stands for. Highest quality for all those, who favour Hike&Fly against any funicular! Lightweight – This often assumes restrictions: Minimized weight often means reduced comfort or safety. The IQ3 demonstrates: This is not a general rule! The current generation of reversible harnesses finds exactly the correct balance between these competing functionalities: To carry minimum weights in the mountains and at the same time enjoy high comfort also during long flights. The harness is made of light material and the use of leg loops ensures the reduced weight of 1, 3 kg. This weight already includes the clasps and carabiners. In spite of the lightweight construction, the U-Turn harness has passed the EAPR load performance test with brilliancy and has been certified for 120 kg load. The leg loops provide easy tightening of the IQ3. Specially with the recommended Airstyle boots Paratrekking III, but also with crampons or other special equipment, easy application is possible even in narrow or challenging places. In order to avoid confusions when fitting the harness, leg and chest straps have different colours. The immense seat depth of 35 cm provides excellent comfort also for tall pilots and even during long flights. You might compare the long thigh support with high quality car seats: No sofa bed upholstery is necessary if the thighs are well positioned in the seat. Also the ergonomically ingenious back support provides particularly good comfort. The upholstery passes are intelligently reinforced, so that there is no loss of comfort in the knee bend. The packsack is dimensioned in the manner to provide enough space for a speed glider or a lightweight paraglider. Obviously there is not enough space for a tandem paraglider. Besides all, the IQ3 design looks great. The IQ3 is available in one universal size with U-Turn logo and embroidered design made of high quality and durable Paratex fabric.


Manufacture: U-Turn Paraglidrs


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