Chamonix Valley Regulations

From: Speed-Riding and Kite-Surf activities are allowed in Chamonix valley. The Regulations The FFVL’s existing rules apply to all of the different disciplines on ski areas (that are accessible by gravity from ski lifts). The rules also apply to all areas of off piste that are not subject to any flying / kiting agreements. It is completely inaccurate to imagine that off piste areas can be used freely they are regulated if access has been made using the ski lifts. The above activities are forbidden in some resorts by order of the local councils. • Appropriate 3rd part airsports insurance cover is obligatory. • A helmet must be worn. • The activities are only tolerated on certain off piste areas. • All activities (launching, skiing with the glider inflated, landing or inflations) are completely forbidden on the pistes – regardless of the pistes being open or closed • Pistes may be overflown with no less than 50m altitude (AGL: the pilot must always be able to land away from the pistes). • Skiers have priority and must always be given a separation of 50m. • Structures / Obstacles (ski lifts, power cables etc..) - In flight: Minimum 50 m horizontal & vertical. - Skiing with glider overhead: minimum 20m horizontal & vertical. - Forbidden to fly under structures or obstacles. • Use of ski lifts: The wing must be carried in such a way that it cannot inflate or cause any nuisance. A stuff sack or rucksack is strongly recommended. • Visual Flight Rules: - Take off is illegal after the official sunset time. - Minimum visibility of 1500m - Illegal to fly in clouds • Priority rules between speed riders - The pilot situated lower down the hill has priority. - The pilot on the right has priority. - Overtake on the right. - The pilot being overtaken has priority. In case of any doubt regarding: authorized zones, avalanche conditions etc…please consult the ski patrol. The development, rules and future of these disciplines are in your hands. The lift companies & local councils have the right to forbid the above activities on any sector accessible by gravity from the ski lifts. Your behaviour on the authorized areas of off piste in the ski resorts and the large areas of off piste will influence the future of our sports.
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