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Mathias Roten

Mathias Roten

Mathias Roten

3/10/08 - At a loss for words, we report the tragic loss of our beloved friend and Speed Flying team leader, Mathias Roten. Mathias passed away last Friday while test flying a new glider in the Lötschental, Switzerland.  Please read remembering Mathias for more information.

Mathias is a true rarity. He possesses a one of a kind ability to conquer any challenge or opportunity that comes his way. His enthusiasm for sport and the realization of his ideas knows no boundaries. Once he tackles a challenge, he does so wholeheartedly, and never turns back. The discipline and endurance he applies to perfect his skills make him a professional.

His enthusiasm is infectious - poor is the man that has been in his presence and was not moved by his passion. He uncovers a deeper meaning in the sports he partakes in. By diving in with all his being he grabs hold a sport's soul and doesn't let go - but grows within it while helping the sport grow and expand into new forms. Through his hunger and creativity new boundaries are created. He has left no extreme sport untouched and is constantly awaiting the next big thrill. Friendship and common experience lend him the energy to move forward and unearth the challenges of tomorrow.

Personal Info

  • Born: 10 February 1979
  • Profession: Speed Flying and Paragliding Testpilot, VDWS Kitesurfing Instruktor
  • Education: Percussion Instruments
  • Hobbies: Kitesurfing, Skydiving, Traveling
  • Hometown: Thun, Switzerland
  • Sponsors: Columbia, Gin Gliders, North Kiteboarding, Atomic, Cookie Composites
  • Quote: "how far........"

Paragliding Results - Aerobatics

  • 2005 FAI synchro overall worldcup 1st GIN Freestyle team - Synchro with Dominique Steffen
  • 2005 Acrolac France 2nd – Synchro
  • 2005 Red Bull Vertigo 3rd - Synchro
  • 2005 Acroaria Italy 2nd - Synchro
  • 2005 Acrofolies Annecy 1st - Synchro
  • 2004 Acroaria Omegna 2nd - Synchro
  • 2003 Red Bull Vertigo 3rd Synchro
  • 2001 Red Bull Vertigo 4th - Synchro
  • 2001 Acroaria 3rd - Synchro
  • 2000 Red Bull Vertigo 4th - synchro

Paragliding Results - Racing

  • 2005 Team overall worldcup 1st
  • 2005 Argentinian open 1st
  • 2005 Taiwan open 1st
  • 2005 Indonesian Championship 1st
  • 2005 Pre-Worldcup Argentina 1st
  • 2004 Team overall worldcup 1st
  • 2003 Worldcup Overall 6th

Snowkiting Results - Freestyle

  • 2003 Worldcup Silvaplana 5th

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One man's mission to explore what is most everyone's dream...

I can only imagine how profound his vision of flying
perpetuated him into seeking the final frontier and extend it's limits.

Thinking of you Mathias

Mathias was a truly wonderful spirit. I miss him dearly. Always a smile. And when I think of you I smile. With a tear ... I miss you.

Speed Flying

Speed-Flying is a very dangerous profession. Anything can happen anytime. Mathias Roten was a Speed Flying team leader. Unfortunately he met with an accident while test flying a new glider. It was a true loss of a courageous sports person who was always ready to take any challenge. Once he accepts any kind of challenge he never looks back until he finishes it. He was a very skilled person and true professional. His enthusiasm knew no bounds.


The passion of this guy is incredible, one of my idols for quite a while. You will be sorely missed Mathias!

wow, he's so great. he's

wow, he's so great. he's done a lot in his life.
thanks for sharing this!