Jun 25 2011
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Kortel Kuik


Kortel Kuik

A new concept of multi-purpose harness. Initially developed for speed-riding, with its small, removable seat plate and its removable mousse-bag, this harness lends itself to all forms of free flight that don’t require a reserve parachute: ground handling, waggas and lightweight flying as well as for tandem passengers.

Light (1.4kg naked and 2.3 kg full options) and close fitting, you will forget it’s there!

Its two automatic buckles make it easy to put on in any circumstances (even in winter equipped with skis and gloves : no leg loops to step into).

Accelerator pulleys.
An original and eye-catching design.
Two buckle “V” architecture with an integrated non-forgettable clip-in system.
Removable seat plate: with = more precise weight shifting; without = less weight.
When the mousse-bag is removed its pocket can be zipped flat to reduce the volume of the harness to a minimum.

An easily accessible stuff sack is integrated into the back of the harness to allow the wing to be carried on the pilot’s lap without removing the harness (for use on chairlifts etc.)

Quick and easy to put on thanks to its two automatic buckles.
A reserve parachute can be attached to the main maillons.
Mousse-bag : Under the seat and the lower back. 12cm.
The serial number and the size are at the top of the main pocket.


Manufacture: Kortel Design


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