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Performance Designs - Katana


The Katana is a high-performance canopy designed for experienced canopy pilots. It is a highly tapered or "elliptical" nine-cell canopy made from (ZP) zero-porosity fabric. This canopy has a wide control range, steep dive, light front riser pressure and powerful flare make the Katana very suitable for modern canopy flying styles.

The Katana is very easy to control using front risers. The front riser pressure starts off very light, and tends to build up slowly. It is easy to keep the Katana in a front riser dive or diving turn, and to make adjustments to your turn rate and rate of descent while diving.

It's geared towards a pilot who enjoys a responsive canopy that has the characteristics of an ‘elliptical' wing. The turning characteristics, spirals, low-speed lift, and other characteristics associated with an ‘elliptical' wing are all there and all very refined.

A USPA D License or equivalent maybe required to buy this canopy.


Manufacture: Performance Designs


 Technical Data

Model Katana 089 Katana 097 Katana 107 Katana 120
Area (Flat/Projected) 89 ft²/?ft² 97 ft²/?ft² 107 ft²/?ft² 120 ft²/?ft²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 15.62ft/m 16.30ft/m 17.12ft/m 18.13ft/m
Chord (max/min) 6.15ft/4.19ft 6.42ft/4.37ft 6.74ft/4.59ft 7.14ft/4.86ft
Aspect Ratio (Flat) 2.74
No. of Cells 18
Wing Material  
Weight (kg) ? ? ? ?
Glide Ratio ?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 80kg max 88kg max 98kg max 110kg max


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Performance Designs - Katana

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