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AirDesign SuSi




AirDesign - SuSi (2012)




SuSi is a multi purpose paraglider - a mini wing with good glide performance and all round comfortable characteristics*
SuSi is no speedwing. Glide performance is very good for its size.

SuSi is no acro wing. SuSi is designed for comfort in flight but can be flown actively and dynamically.

Design aims :


Our SUperSImple glider is a multi-purpose paraglider, designed for pilots who want to have fun in all kinds of conditions and places; coastal soaring in strong winds, mountaineering and dynamic free flying.

The concept for SuSi is a wing that is small, therefore light and easy to launch but with good head-wind performance to reliably bring you back down after a day in the mountains. The performance and good take off characteristics mean SuSi is highly suitable for mountaineering descent and ‘hike & fly’. SuSi inflates and lifts-off like a paraglider making launching from restricted or tricky mountain situations relatively stress free.

Pilot profile :
SUperSImple refers to the construction of the glider and not to the flying experience. SuSi is dynamic when flown fast; pilots should be experienced and with good glider handling skills to control the wing during this style of flying.
*Due to its small size the wing has a high trim-speed with fast and radical reactions to brake input. Pilots must be experienced to be able to control this type of wing.

Glider info :
Test flights have proven that SuSi has good pitch stability with easy handling for a wing of this type.
With only a little brake input, SuSi can be flown like a standard glider, turning flat and with an astounding climb for its small size. With more pilot input SuSi is super agile, super fun and can be turned like a speed glider. SuSi responds to brake input and quickly builds momentum to make radical wing-overs or hook-turns absolutely thrilling!

For a wing of this type SuSi has a good glide, (close to 7) making it comparable with many extra small intermediate paragliders. SuSi cuts through turbulence without excessive reaction, absorbing the bumps with minimal pitch or roll. The handling, whilst still active, has been reduced to manageable levels making SuSi one of the most comfortable gliders of this type.

Design Details:
•    The airfoil of SuSi was developed especially for this type of wing with technology developed directly for our 2-line race gliders.
•    A new line-layout with rear positioned attachment point’s results in relatively neutral flying characteristics and reduction in total line consumption.
•    3-line concept with split D at the upper C-lines.
•    Polyamide rods in the leading edge keep the profile in perfect shape and improve performance and launch characteristics.
•    3D Cut: a technical sail cutting method used across the leading edge area. This produces an improved air flow and increased performance.
•    Performance style reinforced 12mm risers, adjustable brake handles and dirt-holes at the wing tips complete the quality finish.

The collaboration with Peter Habeler began as the famed Everest mountaineer met the AirDesign team on the ski slopes of his Mayrhofen home. Peter was intrigued by the Speedriding wing FOX and quizzed the team at length about the development of a sport which combines skiing with flying.
A later encounter as the team were testing a prototype SuSi sparked his interest and rekindled his dreams of a fast, comfortable descent from the Alpine peaks of his homeland. Peter has followed the SuSi project throughout development and is delighted to put his name to a paraglider that meets his ideal; lightweight equipment for mountain adventures.
For those who crave minimalism, SuSi SuperLight 'Peter Habeler' edition is delivered with lightweight risers and additional Dyneema line links to replace the standard maillons.
The standard colour 'Tibet', is a tribute to Peter's affinity for the Himalayan ranges.

SuSi Standard and SuperLight 'Peter Habeler' edition are load tested/shock tested to EN 926-1 but no flying test certification is planned.


Standard edition

•    Top Sail: Porcher Skytex 40
•    Bottom Sail: Dominico 30D
•    Ribs: Dominico 30D hard
•    Top lines: LIROS DSL70 - EDELRID 8000/U-090                             
•    Middle lines: LIROS PPSL120
•    Main lines: EDELRID 7343-280

Risers: COUSIN 12mm Technora
Maillons: 4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea


SuSi SuperLight 'Peter Habeler' edition

•    Top Sail: Porcher Skytex 40/Skytex 27
•    Bottom Sail: Porcher Skytex 27
•    Ribs: Porcher Skytex 27 hard
•    Top lines:EDELRID 8000/U- 090
•    Middle lines: EDELRID 8000/U-130
•    Main lines: EDELRID 8000/U-230 and 190

Risers: COUSIN 12 mm Technora
Maillons: 4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea


Pilot Impressions:
•    SuSi has super start and landing behaviour. SuSi is definitely suitable as a mountain glider.
•    Flaring to land SuSi is easy. SuSi doesn’t convert the energy to climb up again meaning you can manage to flare the glider very precisely. Being able to stall the wing to zero speed for when there is no headwind while landing in the mountains is important.
•    SuSi has super handling in strong winds.
•    SuSi has beautiful long brake travel and is uncomplicated, but still very pleasant to fly.
•    Weight shifting is very effective in all situations; thermalling, soaring, wingovers.
•    The size ‘18’ fly’s more like a standard paraglider. The ‘16’ is ‘hotter’; you get more energy and adrenaline rush!

What comes in the box?

AirDesign glider bag (approx.130litre capacity)
Inner bag
Riser bag
Folder with repair tape, manual and AirDesign stickers.





Manufacture: AirDesign Gliders


 Technical Data


Model Susi 16 Susi 18
Area (Flat/Projected) 16,02m²/13,75m² 18,00m²/15,47m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 8,90m/7,13m 9,43m/7,56m
Chord (max/min) 2,16m/?m 2,35m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 5.00/3.65
No. of Cells 34
Wing Material Porcher Skytex 40 & Dominico 30D
Weight (kg) 3,2 3.5
Glide Ratio  
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) max 120



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