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The Speed Flying Reference Guide

The Basic Speed Flying Reference Guide offers a glimpse into the fundamentals and the technical aspects
of this exciting new sport.
Written by Tim James. Foreword by Chris 'Douggs' McDougall.

Whether you are currently a speed wing pilot, or you are interested in learning more about speed flying in general, this reference guide holds something for you.

“At the time of writing this reference guide, there was nothing like it available for the speed flying fraternity. With the help of experienced pilots from around the world, this guide has been compiled in the hope of raising awareness of the dangers of speed flying and improving safety.
Fly safe and have fun!”
Tim James


The Basic Speed Flying Reference Guide - February 2011



Early Praise for ‘The Basic Speed Flying Reference Guide’

“This guide book is an extremely useful tool for starting and continuing to safely enjoy the wonderful sport of speed flying!” Alistair Clark

”Drawing upon his experience from both speed flying and commercial aviation, Tim has written not just the first speed flying book on the market, but a compilation of hard-earned field data, thorough research and shared experiences from the speed flying community.” Chris Barnecut

”This ‘Basic Speed Flying Reference Guide’ is a concise and well brought together set of ‘lessons learnt’... some the hard way! Tim has shown great motivation to capture pertinent areas of the emerging sport of speed flying and has presented them in a way that answers most questions, and points the reader to ask the right questions about their own flying.
This book captures some hard won lessons of high speed soaring and will appeal to the new pilot as well as PG instructors interested in tailoring their own courses to meet the demands of new speed flyers.” Garth Camac


“The Basic Speed Flying Reference Guide is a must read for anyone even remotely interested in the sport of speed flying. It contains a vast array of crucial information that will help any pilot understand the basics of the sport, which will then accelerate their learning and most of all, help to keep them safe.
This guide is a unique and complete work dedicated to one of the world’s newest and most exciting sports. It should be considered indispensable for anyone considering speed flight.” Matt Gerdes - Author of ‘The Great Book Of BASE’.

“When it comes to books about the wile blue yonder, I’ve probably read more than your average flyboy. For skydivers, Dan Poynter wrote ‘The Skydiver’s Handbook’. For BASE jumpers, Matt Gerdes laid down ‘The Great Book of BASE’. And now, for speed flyers, Tim has penned ‘The Basic Speed Flying Reference Guide’. You might own a speed wing, you might even own a full-face helmet, but do you own a copy of this book?”
Phil Gregory

”Loved the read! I think a student receives a detailed and relevant learning guide, while an experienced pilot gains a birds-eye-view and understanding of the reasons why we do what we do. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the sport.” Joshua Groth


“The sport of speed flying is becoming rapidly popular and there are many different variations and approaches to it - you may live in a mountainous area or a coastal zone or you may have the privilege of having access to both! Pilots are coming into this exciting discipline from paragliding, skydiving or with even no canopy piloting background. In this book Tim has managed to successfully combine relevant and useful information from a wide range of sources and experienced pilots in a concise and logical fashion. His dedication and passion for the sport shines through each page. It is an excellent resource for any new pilot to the sport of speed flying.
Take your time - read the book - ask questions - do lots of ground handling - learn to understand your canopy - learn from those around you - learn to read the sky. Have lots of fun.” Mal Haskins - www.SpeedFly8000.com


To Order a copy check out the latest detail on www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/The-Speed-Flying-Reference-Guide/112246705510952

and http://www.wingmancam.com/WingmanCam/Speed_Flying_Guide.html

The book is also available via Tim's eBay page  - you will need to search for 'Speed Flying' to find it, rather than using a link this is because they have to be updated every 10 days.

If you have any trouble with the 3 methods above, you can always email Tim at... SpeedFlyingGuide@gmail.com




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