Ozone Fazer 2 - Mint Condition - For Sale $1400

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Ozone Fazer 2 - Mint Condition - For Sale $1400

Ozone Fazer 2 - Mint Condition - For Sale $1400 - NOGOTIABLE - BUYER PAYS SHIPPING

About 4 hours of flight time total, perfect condition as seen on photos, only used on winter time. 

Let me know if you have any questions email to fn@actioneyemedia.com




  • More responsive
  • More coordinated
  • Easier launch
  • Steeper flight
  • Stronger flare

The original Fazer set performance benchmarks as a speedwing that performs equally well in winter speed-riding environments (ski-launch) and summer foot-launched flight. The new Fazer 2 retains all of the same characteristics, with some very tangible and crucial improvements. This wing is a serious upgrade from its predecessor. 


The Fazer series offers modern speed riding and speed flying pilots the ultimate combination of speed, precision, and performance. The Fazer 2 now features an updated profile, which allows for a wider range of flight. The Fazer 2 flies steeper and faster than its predecessor, but still returns to a flatter glide with application of the brakes. This extended speed range makes it an ideal choice for modern speed pilots who are pushing the limits of the sport with and without skis, in mountains and coastal sites all over the world. Experienced speed pilots will love foot launching or ski-launching this wing at a wide range of sites. 


The Launch:

The Fazer 2 launch has been improved, and short take-offs are now even easier. The wing snaps up immediately and symmetrically. Every cell is reinforced with mylar and nylon rods at the leading edge for this purpose. With no tendency to overshoot, the Fazer 2 settles overhead and is ready for cliff launches, steep ski lines, or a running start. You can tailor the launch behavior to your needs by adjusting the trimmers to taste. 


In Flight:

The first thing that pilots will notice is that the Fazer 2 feels even more compact and responsive than the original. The new profile and cell openings have yielded a higher internal pressure and better spanwise tension, making for a more coordinated feel in the air. The wing has, of course, absolutely zero “wobble” or “accordion” movement. This stability makes for an extremely precise, smooth, and confidence-inspiring ride for pilots who engage in Proximity Flying and Speed Riding. Nowadays, speed flying is a game of inches for many pilots and the precision of the Fazer 2 is once again unmatched, in our experience. We worked very hard to eliminate all parasitic sail movement and the highly precise handling of the Fazer 2 combined with its compact and stable feel allows you to fly the best line possible, with confidence. 


The Fazer 2 has a steeper trim angle, and adheres to steep slopes more easily than the original. The glide angle is easily adjusted through the brakes, and the stable compact feel remains constant throughout the speed range. 


The Turn:

One of the most noticeable upgrades on the Fazer 2 is its increased sink rate, which makes for an even more exciting and “carvy” turn. The wing banks smoothly, with a very balanced roll/yaw relationship. Connoisseurs of steep speed flight will love the feel of this wing as it enters steep turns, and then digs out of them on brakes. The recovery arc is progressive and easy to predict, making it easy to gauge and control altitude loss in the turn. 



In the past few years, speed flying pilots all over the world have taken speed-wing swoop-landings to the next level. This is one of the most amazing parts of the sport for us, and we again maintained the swoopable design whilst managing to improve flare power on the brakes and risers, both. The Fazer 2 will yield impressive swoops even from just a 90 degree turn, and 360+ degree turns are easy to calculate for longer results. Like the original, carving out of the dive with brakes is highly effective and the large amount of energy retention in the wing makes it easy to shave off the altitude in tiny increments on your final turn. 


Your Size:

The Fazer 2 is ideal for experienced speed flying pilots when heavily loaded, but is still very suitable for newer pilots at lighter wingloadings. Choose your size carefully with the advice of your Ozone dealer or instructor, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy flying the Fazer 2 as much as we have enjoyed developing and testing it, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. 







Nº of Cells




Projected Area (m2)




Flat Area (m2)




Projected Span (m)




Flat Span (m)




Projecte Aspect Ratio




Flat Aspect Ratio




Glider Weight (kg)







  • Top Surface Cloth: Dominico 30g
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Dominico 30g
  • Rib cloth: Dominico 30g



  • Upper lines: Liros DSL Dyneema 70Kgs
  • Main Riser Lines/Mids: Edelrid 7343 Aramid 230/190Kgs
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