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Apocalypse Snow - Le Retour

Apocalypse Snow - Le Retour



Speed-Flying pilots in the movie are:
Antoine Montant (Soul Flyers) had the good idea to gather all the team of speedriders
Antoine Boisselier (Ozone)
Frank Coupat (Ataka)
François Bon (Gin)
David Eyraud (Ataka)
David Bicheron (Gin)

Filming of the speed-flying sequence in the movie was on the Dome of Gouter (Mont Blanc). Arriving at 4200 m of altitude, they planned their flight path through the seracs to continue the race, to the end in Bossons.



for the Video trailer: http://www.skipass.com/news/exclu-apocalypse-snow-teaser-version.html


Paraglider acro pilots also in the film are Alexandre Aimard, Antoine Montant and Raul Rodriguez
Wings were supplied by Ozone.


Full details and photos check - http://www.apocalypsesnowleretour.com

 also see http://www.acro-base.com for more photos... 



Wingsuit pilots:

James Boole, Robert Pecnik, Jean Noël Itzstein, Yves Burri et Alistair Marsh


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