Jun 25 2011
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Charly One


Charly One

ONE, the innovative reversible harness by Charly combines backpack and harness in one product. For flying, the backpack can simply be upended into the airbag. Although extremely light-weight with only 1.9 kg, this system is no rotten compromise! It is both a full-fledged alpine-backpack with a very comfortable hip belt and a first-class harness that provides high comfort even on long flights. Here, in "one" product everything has been boxed that makes the hearts of parawalkers, travellers and pilots beat faster.

The backpack provides enough capacity to stow e.g. a mountaineer glider Nova Ibex together with the necessary accessories. Even an accurately packed Rookie finds enough room! The rescue system is placed as a front container. For the first time we also offer this Charly light-weight harness in a Nova design.


  • Back padding made from breathable hollow chamber functional foam
  • Easy to operate ultra-light Finsterwalder P-Lock buckles
  • DHV-tested Cygnus Protektor with about 10 g delay by 1.5 m height of fall
  • Light-weight but heavy duty band- and Cordura material
  • Many possibilities fur adjustment and compression
  • Outside pockets easily accessible
  • Fixations for telescopic sticks
  • Detachable hip belt




Manufacture: Finsterwalder-Charly


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