Oct 15 2011
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Eiger Premier

Speed-Flying ~ The Eiger Premier...

On the 14th of June 2006 - François Bon and Antoine Montant made the Premiere speedflying descent of the Eiger.



Early plans were to climb up and then speed-fly down but due to the snow conditions and rock falls it was decided to go for a Helidrop on the summit.


Let’s go.!!

wow, it will be fast!! We’ll put fire on the snow!!


The wings quickly inflate as they head off down the very steep West face...
with the speed increasing to over 100kph.

Big curves - full speed, rock jumps, touch, resist, attack, touch again.. So strong!!

More curves - More jumps, curves, and then the dive onto the north face...


Olalah…Spectacular!! Huge!


 Finally landing at the foot of the North Face on the  extreme snow limit..



Watch the Video and more photos on http://www.acro-base.com

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