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Gin - Nano 07




Speedflying is a new winter flying sport. Created by paraglider pilots and skydivers looking for a new and exhilarating sensation and to create a link between gliding by ski and gliding through the air. For a few years now, a handful of pioneers, like Gin's test pilots, have used skydiving parachutes or modified kites. Gin and his team, not only have the advantage of experience when designing a speedflying wing, but have also tested everything personally in the most challenging environments, right from the very top (from the first exciting speedflights from Mont Blanc and the Eiger) all the way back to the basics (setting up the first speed flying schools in the Alps). From either extreme and everywhere between, Gin's team is best placed to provide the ideal speedflying wing.

Winter 2005/06: Gin Gliders were the first brand to design a wing specially designed for Speedflying: The NANO was born, inspiring many to take up speedflying in 2006. Gin Gliders basic philosophy has always been: easy, safe and maximum fun.

Winter 2007: the 07 version is ready. Now with diagonal ribs and many 2nd generation improvements, the NANO is more compact, even easier, and offers perfect handling. Added to these improvements are a new look and new optimised and improved materials, the direct result of the many hours in the extreme and harsh environments off-piste and also in the schools.

The NANO is still true to the same philosophy; easy, safe and fun. The new 07 version is now one important step forward compared to our earlier models and way ahead of the competition. The NANO has a wide speed range and in addition has a trim system to vary the glide angle and to speed up or slow down flight. Adjust the NANO to match your skill and the terrain. All sizes are very easy to launch, extremely solid in flight and offer an easy, progressive and responsive reaction to your inputs. The NANO range is wide enough to suit everyone, from novice to speed junkie.

The NANO is delivered complete with glider, a specially designed "Speedflyer" convertible harness/rucksack, carabiners and a stowable, fast packing bag.

Available in 4 sizes. Pick your size according to your weight and more importantly experience. The 13m2 and 14 m2 are for light or heavy beginners and regular intermediates. The 12 m2 needs to be flown by experienced pilots. The 10 m2 is dedicated to expert pilots only.

Discover freedom with the Nano, the speedflying glider created by GIN !

 The NANO range is wide enough to suit everyone, from novice to speed junkie.




The GIN Speedflyer Harness is a second-generation reversible harness/rucksack designed specifically for speedflying. The rucksack side of the harness has ski and equipment attachments for touring and mountaineering. The ergonomic shape and ventilation system on the back makes it very comfortable to carry even on a long walk.

Just turn the bag inside out to convert it into a harness. Legs are independent and the shoulder straps slide through the front cross strap for better comfort when skiing. These and other technical features give you more options and more precision to your piloting.

Gin riders and test team have carefully studied every detail of the design to produce a harness that helps make speedflying easy, safe and fun. While wearing the harness, there is a "Fast pack bag" in a zipped pocket on the right leg. Use it to carry your bundled Nano while skiing to lifts between runs. Independent legs for skiing and piloting . Automatic carabiners included . New Light automatic buckles . Safe T bar . Ski straps . Gear loop on belt. Pockets on belt and shoulder straps. Camelback routing. Mesh ventilation for glider drying. Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system. One size fit all, side trimming adjustments. Harness weight is just 1.8Kg.






Manufacture: Gin Gliders


 Technical Data

Model Nano 10m² Nano 12m² Nano 13m² Nano 14m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 10m²/8.98m² 12m²/10.69m² 13m²/11.60m² 14m²/12.54m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 6,19m/5,11m ? 6,78m/5,59m ? 7,02m/5,79m ? 7,29m/6,01m ?
Chord (max/min) 1,93m/0,87m ? 2,11m/0,95m ? 2,19m/0,98m ? 2,27m/1,02m ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 3.80/2.99
No. of Cells 18
Wing Material Kolon (K)-3RS
Weight (kg) 2,6 2,8 2,9 3,0
Glide Ratio ?:1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Expert Advanced 45/75 75/100+


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Gin Nano 07


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Pilot Review ... by Tom Payne - as posted on ParaglidingForum.com

Gin Nano 07 14m² Gin have put together an excellent package here. The reversible harness/rucksack is very well thought out with lots of attention to detail which makes the unpack/ride/pack/ski cycle quick and efficient. There are short (2cm) trimmers on both risers which I didn't touch. Take-off is very easy even with a tailwind with the wing launching quickly and needing only a slight dab on the brakes to stop it overflying. In the air the brakes are firm and reasonably precise and give a well coordinated turn and a good range of glide angles. The Nano is coherent, confidence inspiring and I immediately felt comfortable on it.




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