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Gin Switch


Gin Switch Harness [2009]


The GIN Switch is a reversible airbag harness/rucksack that is lightweight, yet makes no compromises in safety or comfort. Simply turn the rucksack inside out to convert it to a certified AIR BAG harness with a ready rescue connection. Comfort in flight is superb, due to the geometry of the harness and the shaped and reinforced back.

The Switch represents a growing trend of flying with split legs, rather than a seat plate. This means that you have a more natural relationship with your wing: feedback is enhanced, but so is stability.

As a rucksack, the Switch is very comfortable even on a long walk, due to the ergonomic shape and ventilation system on the back.

• Certified AIR BAG
• Split legs
• Light automatic buckles on chest strap with Safe-T-bar
• Square normal buckle on leg straps
• Rescue connection bridle to the shoulder straps included
• Automatic carabiners included
• Pulleys for speed bar
• Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system
• Side mesh Pocket on bag side
• Side + seat deepness trimming adjustments
• EN / LTF Certified

• One size fits all
• Weight: 2.7 kg
• Suitable for both paragliding and speedflying


Manufacture: Gin Gliders


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