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GLH Crow




Our Harnesses for Ground Launching are engineered and developed to reflect the needs of this latest and fast developing sport. They are built complying with the highest rigging principles and techniques and incorporate the strength and durability of a modern parachute harness. The increased comfort and numerous options can satisfy even the highest requirements of today's hill swooper. Harnesses incorporate the finest quality materials and most advanced construction technologies.The risers attachment point is positioned on the chest, lower than on the skydiving harnesses which allows body position variation during flight.

THE CROW - is the practical approach to a ground launch harnesses. It offers the best combination of a quality harness streamlined design and value for money.


- Type 7 webbing black harness
- Black Parapack container and leg pads
- Type 17 /small/ shoulder ring
- Adjustable lateral
- Black Parapack body contact material
- Cut away system


- Stainless steel hardware
- Leather
- Cordura 1680
- Camouflage cordura 1000
- B-12 leg straps
- Soft foam body contact material
- Custom monograms
- Hydration pack
- Articulated harness
- Leg straps retaining clip
- Belly attachment point
- Plenty of colours to choose from
- Reversed risers with rear risers swoop loops
- Double wide leg pads
- Cut in Lateral
- Self adjustable cut in lateral-with hip rings option only


Manufacture: GLH Systems


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